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Paid Clinical Trials and Medical Research Studies
in Columbus OH, Phoenix AZ, and Erie PA

Clinical Trial Consulting in Columbus

Let Aventiv Research Help You.

Dr. Arora & his team of experts at Aventiv Research have over 25 years combined experience in the field of medical research.

We have been acknowledged for our compliance, recruitment and the quality of work that we deliver. Our staff possesses the knowledge and background to assist you in your research needs.

Our services include:

  • Standard Operating Procedures - we will help with the creation, modification and/or implementation of site specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Staffing - we can provide you with adequate well trained staff to assist you within your research department.
  • Quality Assurance - we can perform an Internal Audit at your site, focusing on tracking error rates, queries and implement interventions.
  • Consultation - we can design a site specific research plan that can assist you with the implementation and/or expansion of your research department, Recruitment Strategies, Budget Negotiation with Sponsor/CRO and help to with improve your overall department.
  • Auditing - Aventiv can assist with preparing your site and staff for processes and procedures that are involved in both a sponsor and site Audit.

Aventiv Research prides itself on the work and data that they are known to deliver. Let us help you in becoming a leading site in the world of research.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, or have questions about taking part in a clinical research study, speak with your physician. Our goal is to respond to all initial clinical trial inquiries within 24 hours. If you contact us over the weekend we will do our best to get back in touch with you on the next business day.

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